QUSHEE is a Polish brand that creates super organized handbags and laptop bags - 2 in 1.

What certainly sets us apart is the built-in mirror and power bank. Purses "for special tasks" were created in response to the needs of business women who value good organization, minimalism and multifunctionality.

QUSHEE's mission is to fight frustration and meet all of the above needs - all at once!

We fight disorder and myth (fact?) of a chaotic "women's purse", an eternally discharged phone and painting to the front camera. We still believe that a woman's handbag can hold - maybe not "everything" - a lot, but it is better for each of these things to have its own place, which is much more pleasant to look at.

Do you know what we're talking about ...?

We keep up with current trends in the labor market, every day we meet freelancers and people running their own businesses - including online ones. We know that the current "all you need" to work is a laptop. That's why we've designed a purse for you that will not only accommodate your laptop, charge your phone, use a mirror and organize all this mess. It will also serve as a work station - all your office in one purse!

Doesn't it sound wonderful?

All you have to do is leave the house... Morning work from a cafe, work on a train or a plane? We leave the choice to you.

QUSHEE knows no limits, and the rest remains simple.

We focus on local production in Polish sewing plants. We sew from high quality Italian natural leather, thanks to which our products age beautifully and become noble with age. We pay special attention to details and finishing.

We want QUSHEE bags to serve their owners as long as possible and make their lives, in this fast-paced world, easier.

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